SurreyLearn information

The University has invested in a new VLE, SurreyLearn as a key element of supporting the University’s Teaching and Learning Strategy 2010-2017.  

The underlying vision is:

“The University of Surrey will be recognised as a leader in the use of technology for the innovative delivery of teaching and learning. The VLE will open up new approaches to teaching and learning by enabling a wide range of pedagogical techniques to be embraced. Students will be able to learn in a manner that suits their learning style, at a time of their choosing, from any device in any location”.

What is SurreyLearn?

SurreyLearn is the University’s virtual learning environment (VLE). It is a secure online environment which can be used in a wide variety of ways to enhance learning and teaching. Typically it is used to provide easy access to up to date and relevant learning materials, module and programme information and guidance, supplemented by activities such as discussion forums, quizzes or tests, and online assignments.

A significant investment has been made in new hardware ensuring that SurreyLearn has a robust platform from which to operate. Also integrations with a number of other IT systems will bring considerable benefits, particularly reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. Additional features include the ability for staff and students to email each other directly from SurreyLearn and increased availability from mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and other smartphones.

How to logon to SurreyLearn

All staff and students can access SurreyLearn using their University ID and password. The URL to access SurreyLearn is

External users, such as NHS mentors, visiting lecturers, external examiners etc., can also get access to SurreyLearn by requesting a Miscellaneous User Account from IT using this form.

What you need to access SurreyLearn

You will need an internet connection and a PC / Mac to access SurreyLearn. You can also access a mobile version of SurreyLearn from devices such as iPads, Android phones and iPhones.

Up to date versions of operating systems and browsers should normally have the right specifications and settings. If you are not sure you can run a SurreyLearn system check from the log in page. If you are using older versions of operating systems or browsers you can also check the minimum system requirements.

Support and guidance available to help you get started

All staff and students are enrolled in their own Common Room within SurreyLearn. These are particularly useful to help new users become familiar with the system and successfully make the transition to using SurreyLearn. These are easily accessed after logging in to SurreyLearn, as well as short quick guides about getting started.

The Staff Common Room provides an introduction to the main tools and functions and links to further online help and guidance. Also from here you can see the schedule of workshops for staff and sign up for sessions.

The Student Common Room provides a useful introduction to using SurreyLearn and includes activities and materials about academic integrity and good practice, which will be updated throughout the year.

For all other enquiries about SurreyLearn please contact SurreyLearn Help – your request will then be handled by the appropriate person within your faculty or IT services.  

SurreyLearn and SITS

SurreyLearn has been integrated with the University's Student Record System (SITS). A significant benefit of this is that a SurreyLearn course is automatically created for each active module in SITS. Additionally a course is created for all programmes, which can be used for material and activities that are relevant across a programme. 

Students will automatically be enrolled in the appropriate SurreyLearn courses for their modules and programme and will be able to access all those that have been made active by staff. SurreyLearn enrolments will always reflect the latest data contained on SITS, for example if a student changes programme or module/s during the academic year, these changes will be reflected in SurreyLearn.