All our members share an interest in innovative theoretical frameworks to examine mobilities in and of cultural texts. We work across periods and disciplines (literature, history and area studies, translation and intercultural communication); our collective work focuses on exploring and developing interdisciplinary perspectives.


Crossover themes and concepts include:

  • Cities and urban culture
  • Travel literature, travel in literature and transport history
  • Social and cultural networks
  • Transnationalism as theory and practice, and its limitations
  • Subversive material and virtual spaces and the imagination of alternative spaces
  • Disconnections and connections
  • Embodiment and the practice and politics of movement
  • Post-humanism
  • Text genres as agents and products of mobilities, encompassing the novel, travel writing, epistolary and life writing, and other fictional and nonfictional forms.

These are deployed across and within historical and contemporary frameworks. Areas of specialism range from the Middle Ages to present day, covering periods including:

  • Mediaeval literature
  • Romanticism
  • Victorianism
  • Postmodernism
  • Postcolonial literatures
  • Global literatures.

International partnerships

We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Advanced Studies in Mobility and the Humanities at the University of Padua.

This partnership will foster research exchanges and transdisciplinary collaborations.

Highlighted publications

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