Published: 26 February 2020

Academy of Management announces new interest group in Organizational Neuroscience

The Academy of Management (AOM) Board of Governors has formally approved the establishment of a new Interest Group in Organizational Neuroscience (NEU).


Dr Sebastiano Massaro, Associate Professor of Organizational Neuroscience, Surrey Business School, and Professor David Waldman, Arizona State University are founding co-chairs of this group. AOM members will be able to sign up to NEU from 2 March 2020 and NEU will begin to accept conference submissions for the 2021 AOM Annual Meeting.

The following is the domain statement of NEU:

The Organizational Neuroscience (NEU) Interest Group is dedicated to using neuroscience knowledge and approaches at different levels in organizations, as well as promoting linkages to management practice.

We encourage knowledge generation through theoretical propositions and/or empirical evidence pertaining to the neural mechanisms associated with behaviour in the workplace. Concurrently, the interest group seeks to understand how the environment, culture, and institutions can affect organizational actors’ nervous system functioning. By considering neuroscience at different levels of analysis in organizations, we encourage interdisciplinarity and multi-methods research. Moreover, we stress ethical considerations when using neuroscience technology in workplace research.

Visit the Academy of Management to find out more about the latest interest group and join the community

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