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Published: 30 November 2023

AI-driven academic marking tool unveiled – offering potential to enhance student learning outcomes and free up academic time for teaching and research

A revolution in the future of academic marking and assessment is the promise of a new generative AI-driven application developed by researchers working at the University of Surrey. The tool rapidly grades and provides feedback on students’ work and assessments, helping to improve student learning outcomes while also freeing time for educators to devote to more student contact time and additional time for research.

The new tool, (Key Evaluation and Assessment Tools Hub), is a full-service marking tool, designed to mark and provide detailed feedback for students against the assessment criteria set for the assignment – supporting and augmenting the role of academics in the marking and assessment process.

Recognising the University of Surrey’s decades at the forefront of AI research and technology, the team behind have harnessed the power of advanced generative AI technology to deliver the new tool.

AI is already being deployed by students and academics alike. We are developing here at Surrey to harness the power of Generative AI to enhance the university experience for students and academics. Embracing and helping to shape and develop these new tools offers the opportunity to unlock a new future for academia and university education. Faster and more detailed initial marking of assessment will allow academics to devote more time to value-added feedback, helping to enhance student learning outcomes. It will also free academics to devote their skills to more student contact time and additional time for research. Our own research efforts have driven the development of this product, which is a great example of academic innovation. Professor Yu Xiong, Director of the Surrey Academy for Blockchain and Metaverse Applications, and the driving force behind

The tool has already been tested on historic assignments previously marked by different academics at Surrey, as well as with large numbers of past assignments submitted by other education sector partners. More academics are being engaged in ongoing trials and the team, working with Surrey’s own Digital Learning Team, are working on ongoing training and calibration. is also already available for use by customers in other universities and education institutions. to launch at AI Advancement Conference: Revolutionising Education

Universities and other education providers are being invited to a launch of alongside a broader discussion on the role of AI in the future of education. The “AI Advancement Conference” will take place from 13:30 – 17:00 on 15 December 2023 at the House of Lords, Westminster, London.

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Note to editors

About (Key Evaluation & Assessment Tools Hub), was conceived to address the challenges educators face in assessing and grading academic assignments. The labour-intensive and time-consuming process of grading essays, dissertations, and research papers can be streamlined using AI. KEATH's mission is to empower educators globally, spanning from primary school to higher education. By revolutionising the assessment process through our AI SaaS platform, we aim to augment academic marking by providing near-instantaneous marks and personalised feedback as a starting point for academic review. This has the potential to improve student understanding of their assessment and their future development needs, as well as the potential to reduce overall time spent marking – freeing educators to focus more on teaching and enhancing the wider learning experience.

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