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Published: 01 August 2023

Expert comment: BBC trialling the ‘experimental’ Mastodon server

Professor Ferrante Neri, Head of the Nature Inspired Computer and Engineering group (NICE) at the University of Surrey has added his thoughts on the BBC trialling the ‘experimental’ Mastodon server over the next six months.

He said:

"I admire the courage the BBC's R&D team has taken to implement this trial of the Mastodon server. Their Mastodon server does not incorporate centralised moderation for, and the general concept is to remove moderation from each social network. In terms of cost reduction, this may reduce running costs, but it also poses a risk to the system, making it vulnerable to unmoderated content, which could include fake information or be deemed inappropriate. 

"The overarching idea of the Mastodon server could prove transformational, especially if accompanied by proper technology within each server, as it may make social media more democratic. Despite the risks involved, I wish the team every success."

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