Published: 02 May 2024

Guest lecture by Tim Reid, MD at JP Morgan

On 25 April, Surrey Business School hosted a guest lecture on Risk Governance by Tim Reid, Managing Director and Head of Country Risk Assessment and Management at JP Morgan.

This lecture was part of the International Corporate Governance module, led by Dr Saori Sugeno. The module is part of the MSc International Corporate Finance programme, directed by Dr Christos Mavrovitis. The lecture attracted high attendance, and the students were highly engaged.

Tim Reid, a leading expert in his field, skilfully combined theory with practical business examples showing times when risk governance didn't go as planned. The students were well-prepared and asked thoughtful questions that covered their academic studies and professional interests in risk management. This created a warm and engaging atmosphere, making the session particularly rewarding.

The students also explored discussions about career paths and sector challenges. Tim's warm and practical advice resonated well, adding depth to the conversation. This exchange was truly beneficial; it connected students' academic learning to their career goals, while Tim enjoyed his interaction with the academic community. 

The session highlighted the valuable exchange between classroom theory and real-world practice, enhancing students' understanding of real financial challenges and, we hope, elevating their aspirations.

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