Published: 09 September 2022

A home for hedgehogs

We’re making changes to our green spaces to encourage hedgehogs onto campus. 

Going for gold

British Hedgehog Presentation Society logo

The Hedgehog Friendly Campus scheme, which is funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, has awarded us silver status and now we're going for gold! 

We're making our campuses more inviting for hedgehogs and other wildlife by:

  • Allowing brambles to grow
  • Placing out hedgehog houses and providing log piles for them to nest in.
  • Leaving areas of long grass and hedgerows to allow wildlife to move around campus safely.

Get involved

If you’ve seen a hedgehog on campus let us know by completing a short online survey. The information you share will help us understand where hedgehogs are on campus, and identify any potential barriers that might be stopping them from making our campus their home. 


Wildlife Aid logo

Community connections  

Our hedgehog campaign is in partnership with the charity Wildlife Aid. 

If you'd like to find out how to make your green spaces more wildlife friendly or need advice about wildlife in need, please visit their website

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