Dr Tara Pirie

Lecturer in Ecology and Conservation

Academic and research departments

School of Biosciences.


Areas of specialism

Ecology; Animal Behaviour; Conservation


In the media

Is it time to end cats’ right to roam?
Guardian newspaper
Aug 2022
TV interview on the published domestic cat paper.
Guest interview
BBC coffee club 
Monthly Guest
BBC Berkshire
Interviewed about a leopard attack in Inidia.
Interviewed as a big cat expert 
BBC 24 News
I gave daily 3-hour LIVE STREAMED presentations to audiences across the world about wildlife and nature in the African Bush. 
Wildlife presenter
WildEarth / Safari TV
Radio interview on big and small cat communication.
Big cat expert
BBC 5 live, BBC wales, BBC Sussex, BBC Gloucester, BBC Berks, BBC Surrey and BBC Sheffield.
Radio interview about the conservation of Giant Pandas and the difficulties surrounding breeding them in captivity. 
Ecology and conservationist
Discussion about big cat sightings in Hereford.
Big cat expert
BBC Hereford and Gloucester
Discussion about finding DNA of a big cat in Gloucester.
Big cat expert
BBC Sussex and Surrey
Discussion about the new born Sumatran tiger and why tigers are threatened. 
Big cat expert
BBC Hereford