Published: 13 July 2017

Immersions exhibition

An exhibition of immersive photography with sound was held in the Lewis Elton gallery on campus.

Digital World and the Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing put on an exhibition last week called Immersions. This was held in the Lewis Elton gallery at the University of Surrey between 5th-8th July 2017, with a public lecture and private view on the evening of the 4th. 

The exhibition featured three installations on the immersive properties of water, using the immersive media of 3D and panoramic image, 3D sound and even wind induced by a computer-controlled fan.

The works were based around the sabbatical work of Prof Kaihe Guo, who is a Visiting Researcher at Digital World from the Commmunication University of China in Beijing.  They explore the combination of sound and image from an artistic perspective, in contrast to more scientific and technical studies of audiophotography carried out by David Frohlich in the past.  A number of other artists and engineers also got involved in the collaboration to create three unique works showing something of what it would be like to get inside a photograph. 

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