Published: 14 September 2020

Meet the academic: Louise Davies

Louise Davies, Director of Studies for Midwifery, explains why midwifery is important today, reveals what Surrey is looking for in a midwifery student and what you can expect when you qualify.

Louise Davies

What's your background in midwifery?

My name is Louise Davies and I’m the Director of Studies for Midwifery, leading on our midwifery course.

I’m extremely passionate about supporting women throughout their pregnancies, in such a pivotal moment in their lives. I’m also dedicated to helping midwives in practice, inspiring them to deliver excellent women-centred care.

Since qualifying as a midwife, I’ve worked across all aspects of midwifery care, including as a case-loading community midwife at a birth centre and high-risk obstetric unit, and as a lecturer-practitioner at a London hospital.

As a lecturer at Surrey, I feel privileged to be welcoming the next generation of students into the profession, like yourself.

Why's midwifery important?

As a midwife, you get to share a pivotal moment with the women and the families you care for. Everyone remembers their midwife, how they were treated and how they made them feel. Doing everything you can to support them through the experience is what being a midwife is all about.

What are you looking for in a midwifery student?

We’re looking for individuals with a real interest in women’s health and midwifery, with a genuine desire to want to help make a difference. We want you to be kind, considerate and compassionate; a true team player with good communication skills and the ability to think on your feet.

What can I expect as a midwife?

When you graduate, you’ll be geared up to look after childbearing women and their families, assessing their needs, making judgements, and planning, implementing and evaluating their care. Each day brings has it’s ups and downs, and things don’t always go to plan, but as a midwife, you’ll be there every step of the way.

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