Published: 03 January 2017

New UK-Brazil network on Assistive media for health and wellbeing

Digital World have been awarded an international network grant.

Digital World have been awarded a joint University of Surrey and Brazilian research council grant (FAPESP) to establish a UK-Brazil network on ‘Assistive media for health and wellbeing in ageing’. The grant has arisen from the sabbatical work of Dr Paula Castro from the Department of Gerontology at the Federal University of Sao Carlos. She spent a year at Digital World from February 2016, sharing expertise and data from studies of technology use by older people

 The network grant starts in February 2017 for 2 years, and is intended to connect a broader range of scholars from Sao Carlos and Surrey to collaborate in this area, together with related human-centred technology groups at the University of Sao Paulo. It will support the cost of visits and workshops across all three locations to exchange research findings and coordinate collaborative papers and research proposals. 

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