Published: 01 September 2022

Our International Organisations Simulation Summit

A number of our modules include Simulation Summits with valuable expertise provided by our Visiting Professors and Researchers. We hold a Summit each year as part of our POL2034 International Organisations Module.

International organisations are crucial for addressing today’s complex global issues ranging from pandemics and climate change to security and finance. In POL2034 International Organisations, students actively learn about and critically reflect upon international organisations such as the United Nations, World Trade Organisation, International Monetary Fund, and World Health Organisation. In this module, students also practice how international organisations work by engaging in simulation games around decision-making scenarios to solve complex problems. This module is therefore a great opportunity for students from different social sciences programmes to develop transferable skills including policy analysis, negotiation, teamwork, and critical problem solving.

The simulation summit carried out in POL2034 (International Organisations) has been extremely useful in building my negotiation, planning and value creation skills. It was a very interactive and creative activity which I have not come across in any other modules, and will, without a doubt, help me pursue the relevant career and aid me in my future job searches through the experience it has provided me with. The module overall was also very well thought through, with interactive, well-paced and friendly teaching and material which will be very applicable for me in the future. Bianka Zabarylo

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