Published: 21 May 2020

Professor Glenn Parry publishes on blockchain used for visibility in food supply chains

Professor Glenn Parry’s paper “Blockchain: case studies in food supply chain visibility” published in Supply Chain Management has also featured on The Conversation.

Plants growing in greenhouse

Blockchain, a database of recordings, or 'blocks', that form a chain, can enable food manufacturers to give consumers detailed information on where food has come from. The research looks at evidence from four live case studies, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pacific fisheries division who focus on sustainable fishing with blockchain provider TraSeable, Agridigital who use blockchain to give visibility of agricultural supply chains, and a company transporting wine.

The findings show that blockchain is most likely to succeed in supply chains which are sufficiently digitised to enable data to be collected and stored on a single, supply chain-length system. There are strong caveats as their remains potential for error and fraud at the digital to physical interfaces, and firms need to work and build trust in the technology.

To find out more please watch the following videos by Professor Parry: Short and extended 

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