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Published: 29 August 2023

Researchers seek insights from partners who’ve experienced baby loss

How the tragic loss of a baby affects the mental health of fathers and partners is being examined by researchers from the University of Surrey. Partners of those who have experienced baby loss are being sought to take part in new research.

During the study, researchers are seeking to learn more about the experiences and wellbeing of fathers and partners who have experienced baby loss within the last six months due to miscarriage, neonatal death, termination due to medical reasons or still birth. 

 Despite emerging evidence about mental health difficulties experienced by fathers and partners who have experienced baby loss following a perinatal loss, constraints on public sector services have led to support not always being available to this group.  

Project lead Luke Tarmey, from the School of Psychology at the University of Surrey, said:  

“Losing a baby is a traumatic and profoundly life changing event for all involved. Whilst most of the research has focused on the mother’s experience, less is known about how perinatal loss affects expectant fathers and partners. It is important that we learn more about their experiences so that we can develop the evidence base to make improvements to the support on offer.” 

To learn more about their experiences, fathers and partners of those who have experienced baby loss are invited to complete two online surveys, six months apart, to assess how they are coping and their overall wellbeing. Findings will help inform learnings about support services and how they can be improved.  

Dr Jane Iles and Dr Lydia Poole from the School of Psychology at the University of Surrey who are also involved in the study said:  

“Baby loss is an extremely difficult time for both a mother and the expectant partner. Both parents need support to recover from their loss however this is often lacking for expectant fathers and partners, and we would like to hear from them about what could be done to help them.” 

If you would like to take part in the surveys, please click here. 

For further information on the study please contact Luke Tarmey (

Recruitment for this study ends in January 2024. 


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Additional information 

If you have experienced baby loss and would like to speak to someone, support services are available. Please see below for a list of bereavement organisations who specialise in baby loss and offer a range of support services.  



Tel: 0300 688 0068 






You can speak in confidence to Sands Bereavement Support team by calling the Sands helpline, open Mon-Fri 10am-3pm and Tue-Thur 6-9pm on 0808 164 3332 or emailing 

Aching Arms  

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