Dr Jane Iles

Dr Jane Iles

Joint Programme Director, PsychD Clinical Psychology Programme. Associate Professor. Clinical Psychologist
PhD, PsychD
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Kirsten Barnicot, MORGAN WELSH, Sarah Kalwarowsky, Eloise Stevens, JANE ILES, Jennie Parker, Maddalena Miele, Tara Lawn, Laura O'Hanlon, Sushma Sundaresh, Ola Ojala, Paul Bassett, CHRISTINA J JONES, Paul Ramchandani, Mike Crawford (2022)Video feedback parent-infant intervention for mothers experiencing enduring difficulties in managing emotions and relationships: A randomised controlled feasibility trial, In: Br J Clin Psychol Wiley

Objectives: Parents experiencing mental health difficulties consistent with " personality disorder " , often related to a history of complex trauma, may face increased challenges in parent– child relationships and child socioemotional development. There are no published randomised controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating perinatal parent– child interventions for this population. We evaluated the feasibility and acceptability of undertaking an RCT of the video feedback intervention for positive parenting adapted for perinatal mental health (VIPP-PMH). Design: Feasibility study incorporating a pilot RCT. Methods: Mothers with enduring difficulties in managing emotions and relationships, consistent with a " personality disorder " , and their 6-to 36-month old infants were randomly allocated to receive six sessions of VIPP-PMH (n = 20) or usual care alone (n = 14). Results: 76% of eligible mothers consented to participate. Intervention uptake and completion rates were 95% (≥1 VIPP-PMH session) and 70% (6 sessions), respectively. Follow-up rates were 85% at month 5 and 65% at month

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