Published: 19 October 2018

Showcasing magic paper

Members of the Next Generation Paper project team, from the University of Surrey, will be visiting The Hague on 20 October 2018 to demonstrate a new augmented travel book which has been developed.

Interactive 2G and 3G demo versions of the book and the project app will be shown for the first time to members of the public in the COMM Museum as part of the Paper Magic Exhibition. The app which has been developed by Haiyue Yuan, Research Fellow in computer vision and media systems design and electronic engineering, uses the latest page recognition and speech-to-text technology to play content via the app. For the 2G technology, the augmented content will be displayed when the page number is recognised by the project app. For the 3G technology, the app connects to the book via Bluetooth and by pressing physical buttons on the book, users can browse and interact with the additional augmented content.

Haiyue said “The app works by connecting the book via Bluetooth which means that when a user presses a button on the page of the book or speaks into their phone, extra content will seamlessly play on the app, offering the reader a more enriching experience. This will be the first time the public has tried this technology, so it is a milestone for the project."

The live demo will take place at 2pm Saturday 20 October 2018.

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