Published: 09 March 2022

Surrey Business School and Banque De France examine the economic resilience of a post-Covid world

Juan Carluccio, Professor in International Trade at Surrey Business School and Maurizio Zanardi, Head of the School of Economics and Professor in Economics are pleased to be able to welcome students, guests and speakers to this year’s conference scheduled for 16-17 May 2022 at Banque de France in Paris.

After last year’s online Banque de France conference, aptly titled ‘The New Normal’ this year’s event, ‘Globalisation, Strategic Autonomy and Economic Resilience in the Times of Crisis’ will focus on the post-Covid world. Organised jointly by Banque de France, CEPR, the University of Surrey and the World Bank, the two-day programme features guest speakers and workshops to explore current developments in international trade and cross-border economic activity. The past two years have brought with them unprecedented circumstances and as a result, uncertainty in the economic strength of every country in the world. Disruption in trade and global value chains, climate-related tensions and of course, Covid have meant industry-wide restructures as we enter the new normal.

This year’s conference is a meeting of minds as guest speakers and academics including Dr Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Maryland and Pol Antràs, Professor of Economics at Harvard University. Professor Juan Carluccio of the Surrey Business School has been the key to Surrey co-hosting this event has been the scientific advisor at the Directorate General Statistics, Economics and International at Banque de France. His hopes for this year’s conference is to engage students in high-level academic discussions and expose them to the view of academics and policymakers on the future of globalization.

This event offers much-deserved visibility for the incredible work and forward-thinking of Professor Carluccio and Zanardi along with the entire academic panel.

The event is taking place 16-17 May 2022 at the Banque De France, Paris

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