Published: 03 July 2018

University of Surrey hosts senior delegation from Saudi Arabia for Research and Development Knowledge Exchange

The University of Surrey was honoured to host a senior delegation from Saudi Arabia on 28th June, led by Dr Jasir Alherbish (Vice Minister for Scholarships Affairs and Supervisor of Cultural Attaches) and Dr Hisham Alhadlaq (Director General of the Research and Development Office) at the Ministry of Education.

Saudi delegation visitors at University of Surrey
Senior delegates from Saudi Arabia joined by Professor Vince Emery and Mr Tom Windle from the University of Surrey


The delegation included the Vice Rectors for Postgraduate Studies and Research from King Saud University, King Abdulaziz University and Princess Nourah University, as well as the Supervisor of Technology Transfer and the Dean of Scientific Research at King Fahd University. Senior representation from the Riyadh Valley Company as well as Administrative staff from King Abdulaziz University also joined the exchange.   

The visit takes place following the announcement of the Crown Prince’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, a new national strategy for economic development in Saudi Arabia which emphasises the importance of research and development for continued economic growth. Working with 28 public universities in Saudi, the newly established Research and Development Office (RDO) will manage several initiatives aimed at supporting international collaboration, mobility and engagement with industrial partners.

The University of Surrey has long-standing relationships with leading universities in Saudi Arabia, with 172 co-authored publications since 2013. Collaborations also include an agreement with King Abdulaziz University for delivery of PhD programmes in Saudi, as well as enrolment of PhD students from King Saud University and Princess Nourah University, all funded under the ‘External Joint Supervision Programme’. The University looks forward to building upon existing relationships and forging new partnerships with leading institutions in Saudi Arabia.

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