Published: 07 March 2023

Video: Prof Wolfgang Teubert - Why discourse is not an object of science

On 27th February 2023, Prof Wolfgang Teubert delivered the talk Why discourse is not an object of science to a hybrid audience at the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Surrey. The recording of the talk is now available on YouTube.

Title: Why discourse is not an object of science

Speaker: Professor Wolfgang Teubert is an eminent corpus linguist and acted as the editor of the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. His research interests include corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, translation studies, and social constructionism. Abstract: Linguistics is not a science like physics. Linguistics is a craft to analyse 'real' language data. As such it can make us aware of what others say and what we say, individually and collectively about ourselves and the world around us. Language means. Therefore it is part of the humanities. Meaning does not exist in the natural, discourse-independent world. It is us who fabricate meaning. Meaning is not fixed. We negotiate what a 'thing' like depression means, a 'thing' that we have constructed by talking about it. In this sense, discourse studies can contribute to essential questions that mankind has to deal with. Linguistics is no more just l'art pour l'art.

This talk was originally delivered to a hybrid audience on 27th February 2023.

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