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Dr Agnieszka Michael

Reader in Oncology , Consultant Medical Oncologist
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Dr Agnieszka Michael MRCP PhD is a Reader (Clinical) in Medical Oncology. She was appointed as a Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Medical Oncologist at the University of Surrey and Royal Surrey County Hospital in 2008. She has a specialist interest in ovarian and urological cancers as well as immunotherapy trials. Dr Michael qualified in medicine at University of Wroclaw and undertook general medical and oncology training in UK, at the St George's Hospital in London , Royal Marsden Hospital and Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital. In 2006 she was awarded a PhD for research in cancer immunotherapy and completed Specialist Training in Medical Oncology in 2007. Throughout her training and current post Dr Michael has worked in the cancer clinical trials' field, including early phase studies with novel immunotherapy agents, gene therapy and cancer vaccines as well as international multi-centre phase III and IV studies, as a Chief investigator and a local principal investigator. Dr Michael is a divisional lead for cancer within Kent, Surrey and Sussex 'Clinical Research Network and since 2015 has been working as a Medical Director for Surrey Clinical Trials Unit.

Research interests

Cancer Clinical Trials

Ovarian Cancer, Kidney Cancer , Immunotherapy


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Malignant Bowel Obstruction Research funded by Target Ovarian Cancer
Target Ovarian Cancer -Bowel Obstruction Research
Chief Investigator
We had a great time visiting Dr Agnieszka Michael at The University of Surrey today. She explained her research looking into nutrition for women with a bowel obstruction and how she hopes that it can provide a simple way to improve the quality of life for these women. Read more about her research -…/edmond-diet-and-nut…


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