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Ali Goksu

Postgraduate Research Student

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School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.


My research project


Ali Goksu, Haitao Li, Jian Liu, Melis Duyar (2023)Nanoreactor engineering can unlock new possibilities for CO2 tandem catalytic conversion to C-C coupled products, In: Global challenges Wiley

Climate change is becoming increasingly more pronounced every day while the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continues to rise. CO2 reduction to valuable chemicals is an approach which has gathered substantial attention as a means to recycle these gases. Herein we explore some of the tandem catalysis approaches that can be used to achieve transformation of CO2 to C-C coupled products, focusing especially on tandem catalytic schemes where there is a big opportunity to improve performance by designing effective catalytic nanoreactors. Recent reviews have highlighted the technical challenges and opportunities for advancing tandem catalysis, especially highlighting the need for elucidating structure-activity relationships and mechanisms of reaction through theoretical and in situ/operando characterization techniques [1–3]. In this review, we focus on nanoreactor synthesis strategies as a critical research direction, and discuss these in the context of two main tandem pathways (CO-mediated pathway and Methanol-mediated pathway) to C-C coupled products.