Anna Cook

Mrs Anna Cook

Teaching Fellow in Developmental Psychology
BSc Music & Psychology (Oxford Brookes University), MA Music Education (Institute of Education, University of London), MSc Research Methods in Psychology (University of Surrey), PhD (University of Surrey)
23 AC 04
Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 15:00



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Cook, A., Ogden, J., and Winstone, N. (2016). The Experiences of Learning, Friendships and Bullying of Boys with Autism in Mainstream and Special School Settings: A Qualitative Study. British Journal of Special Education 43: 250–271.
Cook, A., Ogden, J., and Winstone, N. (2017). Friendship motivations, challenges and the role of masking for girls with autism in contrasting school settings. European Journal of Special Needs Education. JOUR.
Cook, A., Ogden, J. & Winstone, N. (2018). The impact of a school-based musical contact intervention on prosocial attitudes, emotions and behaviours: A pilot trial with autistic and neurotypical children. Autism.