Anna Arber

Dr Anne Arber

Senior Lecturer in Cancer and Palliative Care
+44 (0)1483 686768
20 DK 04



Anne Arber has a clinical background in cancer nursing. Her research focuses on supportive care for patients with cancer and their carers; including support for family members and symptom support using e-health. She is an experienced PhD supervisor and combines research and teaching as part of her role.

She has research expertise in discourse analysis, ethnography and mixed methods research. She is a trainer in Advanced Communication Skills and has been invited to run workshops in advanced communication in the UK and in Europe.

Research interests

  • Supportive care of patients with advanced cancer
  • Carers, and family members affected by cancer
  • Communication and breaking bad news

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Peer support for carers of people with advanced cancer. University of Surrey Research Support Fund. April 2016
  • Real time symptom assessment for patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma. Funded by British Lung Foundation September 2016-2018
  • A Delphi study on the research priorities of UK oncology nurses and patients. Co-researcher with Professor Emma Ream 2015. Funded by United Kingdom Oncology Nursing Society.

Research Projects

  • Think family project (November 2013 - August 2014) A project related to pre bereavement support for children who have a parent with cancer in collaboration with Frimley Park NHS Trust. Principal Investigator. Funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.
  • A study on fostering empathy between students and older people - a practical approach (AFRESH). Co-researcher funded by Averil Osborne Fund March 2012-October 2012.
  • Nurses' Decision-Making Practices at the End of Life in the Intensive Care Unit: A cross-cultural exploration. Co - researcher with Brazil, Germany and Ireland (2012-2013).
  • Carers in the 21st Century. Economic and Social Research Council Seminar Series (October 2012-September 2013).
  • Information giving and patients receiving oral chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma (January 09-June 11 Awarded by Myeloma UK).
  • A project to examine the patient's experience of their care pathway following a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Awarded by Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire Cancer Network (April 2008-June 2009).
  • A project to explore the needs of carers of patients with a malignant brain tumour (April 2006-August 2007).


Module Leader

  • Research design and methodology (Master's Level NURM141)
  • Advanced Communication Skills (Master's/Degree Level NURM105/NUR3206)
  • Challenges in Pain Management (Master's Level/Degree Level NURM108/NUR3310)

Current doctoral students

  • Isaac Badu Appiah: Traditional herbalists and cancer in Ghana.
  • Michelle King-Okoye: Men and their partners' experiences of prostate cancer in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Evangelos Latzourakis: Cypriot nurses' perceptions on role and preparation in caring for patients with chronic kidney disease.
  • Jackie McBride: Patient experience and meaning of using a remote monitoring tool within the context of cancer treatment
  • Emma Wadey: An exploration of the mental health and well-being of those bereaved by suicide

Doctoral Students who have completed

  • Nicola Ayers: An ethnography of the palliative care and dying at home in Ethiopia.
  • Nicola Beech: Restoring a sense of wellness following colorectal cancer: a grounded theory
  • Elizabeth Dunn: The lived experience of returning home following allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
  • Diane Laverty: Respite care for people with neuro-degenerative diseases
  • Sebastian Probst: Malignant fungating wounds- experiences of living in and with an unbounded body

Departmental duties

  • Chair of Faculty Research Ethics Committee
  • Chair Service Users and Carers Group
  • Member of the NCRI sub group for Quality of Life
  • Member of the steering group Jigsaw South East, Pre Bereavement Project Group
  • Member of the Race Equality Group

Conference presentations

Arber A, Greenwood N (2013) Invited speakers ESRC seminar series: Supporting carers of people at the end of life. University of York 11th September 2013

Arber A (2012) How do carer's talk about 'illness work' and 'caring'? 29th Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference. Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John's Campus, Canada June 20-22nd 2012

Beech N, Arber A, Faithfull S (2011) Restoring a sense of wellness following colorectal cancer: a grounded theory. BSA Medical Sociology Group 43rd Annual Conference University of Chester 14th-16th September 2011

Arber A (2010) Invited Key Note Speaker: First three months following a diagnosis of pleural mesothelioma. Manchester Lung Cancer Group November 2010. The Christie Hospital, Manchester, UK

Invited speaker - Masterclass in Advanced Communication Skills- ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology Zurich, Switzerland 2012-2015

My publications


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