Anton Tishchenko

Anton Tishchenko

Postgraduate Research Student

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Institute for Communication Systems.


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Anton Tishchenko, Ali Ali, Ali Araghi, P. Botham, B Burton, Mohsen Khalily (2022)Autonomous Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface based on Highly-Efficient Solar Cells

The power consumption of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) has not been addressed enough in the state-of-theart. This paper proposes a paradigm for converting RISs into ecofriendly structures that generate their needed power by the highefficiency multiple junctions (MJ) solar cells. This work considers the impact of adding solar cells to the RIS and investigates the amount of generated power. Moreover, the inclination angle of the solar irradiance is considered as well as the needed batteries and converters. Since the introduced RIS can be a potential candidate for the 5G-and-beyond-communications, two ranges of frequencies will be discussed in this work: sub-6GHz and 5G Millimeter wave (mmWave).

ANTON TISHCHENKO, ALI ALI, Paul Botham, Fraser Burton, MOHSEN KHALILY, RAHIM TAFAZOLLI (2022)Reflective Metasurface for 5G mmWave Coverage Enhancement

—The proposed intelligent reflective surface (IRS) is presented to compensate for the path loss and enhance the coverage of 5G networks at mm-wave band. A (π) shaped element with variable-sized dipoles, distributed in a certain way to maintain a phase length curve over 340 • in the range of 23-27 GHz, is addressed in this work. The proposed structure can be an ideal candidate for 5G mm-wave band n258.