Carla Mae Pausta


My research project


Michael Angelo B. Promentillaa, Alberto L. Longos Jr., Aileen H. Orbecidoa, Maria Eda Apple A. Suplido, Emmie Marie E. Rosales, Carla Mae J. Pausta, Regina G. Damalerio, Aaron Julius M. Lecciones, Ma. Catriona E. Devanadera, Devendra P. Saroj (2022)Nutrient Recycling from Septage Toward a Green Circular Bioeconomy: A Case Study in Salikneta Farm, Philippines, In: Chemical Engineering Transactions94pp. 1075-1080 AIDIC Servizi S.r.l

Understanding the resources nexus such as food, energy, water, and land will play a crucial role in our progress towards sustainability and resilience. For example, food production is the main driver behind the excessive global use of mineral fertilisers. Though these fertilisers provide critical nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, they also contribute significantly to the carbon footprint and embodied energy of the agri-food systems. In addition, these nutrients from agricultural runoff and sewage may also pollute and cause dead zones in our water bodies. On the one hand, phosphorous scarcity and food security could also pose an existential risk against the backdrop of feeding ten billion people by 2050. One emerging sustainability pathway is the green circular bioeconomy that encourages nutrient recycling from biowastes such as that agricultural waste, food waste, and domestic wastewater.