Dr Caroline Shenton-Taylor

Lecturer in Applied Nuclear Physics
PhD (Warwick, 2007), MPhys, CPhys, MInstP, FHEA

Academic and research departments

Department of Physics.


Areas of specialism

Nuclear Physics; Artificial Intelligence; Data Analytics; Nuclear Security; Radiation; Environmental Protection; Scientific Outreach

University roles and responsibilities

  • Physics Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
  • Institute of Physics IOP Mentor

    My qualifications

    University of Warwick
    MPhys (Hons.) First class
    University of Warwick

    Previous roles

    2004 - 2017
    Industrial Scientist
    Team and Technical Lead
    2010 - 2011
    Academic Visitor
    Imperial College London


    Research interests

    Research collaborations


    Postgraduate research supervision




    Examples of co-authored publications/articles/proceedings are listed below.

    (2022) Thermoluminescence glow curve study of beta irradiated germanium doped core fibre with different dopant concentrations
    (2021) Fading and Residual Responses for Thermoluminescent Dosimetry of Silica Beads Irradiated Using a High-dose Electron-beam
    (2019) Application of a novel search method to handheld gamma radiation detectors
    (2019) Thermoluminescent response of beta-irradiated silica beads
    (2018) Investigating the components of signals produced by the pockels CCD imaging technique in CdZnTe
    (2017) Effect of shielding conductivity on magnetic induction tomographic security imagery
    (2017) Application of 2D convex partitioning to radiation detection
    (2017) Assessment of quantum dots for nuclear security and X-ray dosimetry
    (2016) Predicting the air fluorescence yield of radioactive sources
    (2015) Cadmium zinc telluride based infrared interferometry for X-ray detection
    (2014) Distributed detector radiation networks: static and mobile sensor configurations
    (2013) Development of a three-dimensional model for sensor positioning
    (2012) Signal analysis and data fusion methodologies
    (2012) Exploration of the Pockels effect for radiation detection applications
    (2011) A multi-phase equation of state diagnostic applied to the study of shock loaded tin
    (2010) Spin and orbital moments in Fe3O4
    (2009) Pyrometry temperature studies of shocked tin including investigations exploring surface defects, anvil diameter and the integration with emissivity diagnostics
    (2009) Bulk spin polarization of Co(1-x)FexS2
    (2008) Development of magnetic Compton scattering using a 9 T cryomagnet at the ESRF
    (2008) Using magnetic Compton scattering to study Invar and spin-polarised materials
    (2007) A short history of magnetic Compton scattering
    (2007) Magnetic Compton scattering study of the magnetocaloric material Gd7Pd3
    (2007) Compton scattering studies of 4f ferromagnetism
    (2007) Spin wave dynamics of MnO confined in nanometer pores
    (2005) Spin-resolved Compton scattering study of RuSr2GdCu2O8