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Hashini M. Thirimanne, K. D. G. Imalka Jayawardena, Andrew Nisbet, Yonglong Shen, R. M. Indrachapa Bandara, Christopher A. Mills, Guosheng Shao, S. Ravi P. Silva (2020)Hybrid Multipixel Array X-Ray Detectors for Real-Time Direct Detection of Hard X-Rays, In: IEEE transactions on nuclear science67(10)pp. 2238-2245 IEEE

X-ray detectors currently employed in dosimetry suffer from a number of drawbacks including the inability to conform to curved surfaces and being limited to smaller dimensions due to available crystal sizes. In this study, a hybrid X-ray detector (HXD) has been developed which offers real-time response with added advantages of being highly sensitive over a broad energy range, mechanically flexible, relatively inexpensive, and able to be fabricated over large areas on the desired surface. The detector comprises an organic matrix embedded with high-atomic-number inorganic nanoparticles which increase the radiation attenuation and within the device allows for simultaneous transfer of electrons and holes. The HXD delivers a peak response of 14 nA cm(-2), which corresponds to a sensitivity of 30.8 mu C Gy(-1) cm(-2), under the exposure of 6-MV hard X-rays generated by a medical linear accelerator. The angular dependence of the HXD has been studied, which offers a maximum variation of 26% in the posterior versus lateral beam directions. The flexible HXD can be conformed to the human body shape and is expected to eliminate variations due to source-to-skin distance with reduced physical evaluation complexities.