Christopher Basu

Dr Christopher Basu

Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Anatomy

Academic and research departments

School of Veterinary Medicine.

My publications


CK Basu, F Deacon, JR Hutchinson, AM Wilson (2019). The running kinematics of free-roaming giraffes, measured using a low cost unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
C Basu, AM Wilson, JR Hutchinson (2019). The locomotor kinematics and ground reaction forces of walking giraffes
C Basu, AL Stoll, J Dixon, FM Molenaar, E Flach, KC Smith (2016). Osteochondrosis in the distal femurs of an adult reticulated giraffe (giraffa camelopardalis reticulata): macroscopic, radiologic, and histologic findings
C Basu, PL Falkingham, JR Hutchinson (2016). The extinct, giant giraffid Sivatherium giganteum: skeletal reconstruction and body mass estimation
CE Miller, C Basu, G Fritsch, T Hildebrandt, JR Hutchinson (2007). Ontogenetic scaling of foot musculoskeletal anatomy in elephants