David Faux

Dr David Faux

B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D. C.Phys. F.Inst.P
+44 (0)1483 686792
18 BC 04


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  • Deputy Chair, University Ethics Committee


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    Faux DA, Pearson GSGreen's tensors for anisotropic elasticity: Application to quantum dotsPHYS REV B 62 (8): R4798-R4801 AUG 15 2000Pearson GS, Faux DAAnalytical solutions for strain in pyramidal quantum dotsJ APPL PHYS 88 (2): 730-736 JUL 15 2000Faux DAMolecular dynamics studies of hydrated zeolite 4AJ PHYS CHEM B 103 (37): 7803-7808 SEP 16 1999Andreev AD, Downes JR, Faux DA, et al.Strain distributions in quantum dots of arbitrary shapeJ APPL PHYS 86 (1): 297-305 JUL 1 1999