Demi Krystallidou

Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies
MSc (Heriot Watt University), PhD (Ghent University)

Academic and research departments

Centre for Translation Studies.


Areas of specialism

multilingual healthcare communication; healthcare interpreting; multimodal interaction analysis; empathic communication; cancer communication; digital healthcare technologies; realist synthesis; systematic reviews


Research interests


Postgraduate research supervision


Barbara C. Schouten, Antoon Cox, Gözde Duran, Koen Kerremans, Leyla Köseoğlu Banning, Ali Lahdidioui, Maria van den Muijsenbergh, Sanne Schinkel, Hande Sungur, Jeanine Suurmond, Rena Zendedel, Demi Krystallidou (2020) Mitigating language and cultural barriers in healthcare communication: Toward a holistic approach
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