Eric Lo

Dr Eric Lo

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
BEng, PhD



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Kin-Hing Lo, Rengarajan Sriram, Konstantinos Kontis (2019)Wake Flow Characteristics over an Articulated Lorry Model with/without AC-DBD Plasma Actuation, In: Applied Sciences9(12)2426 MDPI

The wake flow characteristics of a 1:20 scale articulated lorry model with a linear Alternate Current Dielectric Barrier Discharge (AC-DBD) plasma actuation implemented was experimentally investigated. Time-averaged velocity, turbulence, and vorticity information along the centreline of the model were constructed using a two-component particle image velocimetry technique. In addition, force balance was used to measure the time-average drag force acting on the model with and without the use of AC-DBD plasma actuation. In general, the AC-DBD plasma actuation showed negligible effect in changing the drag coefficient of the test model. Moreover, implementing the AC-DBD plasma actuation around the rear end of the trailer model could neither alter the size nor the reverse flow velocity in the wake region. In contrast, the AC-DBD plasma actuation increased the levels of fluctuation in the flow turbulence kinetic energy and vorticity but showed no observable effect to alter the frequency response of the flow in the wake region. It is deduced that the use of AC-DBD plasma actuation indeed generated no flow control effect at the rear end of an articulated lorry trailer.