Centre for Automotive Engineering

Surrey 'Centre for Automotive Engineering (CAE) aims to provide world class technical research for vehicle analysis in the following key areas:

All electric and hybrid powertrains, vehicle dynamics simulation, tyre dynamics simulation, design and simulation of vehicle subsystems, design of experimental test benches, lightweight chassis design and vehicle aerodynamics.

Research areas

Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The utilization of electric propulsion systems in passenger and goods vehicles is rapidly increasing with the commercial introduction of plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

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Lightweight Chassis Structures

Expertise in this area has two complementary themes; adhesively bonded structures and fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites.

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Vehicle Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic flow control has been of significant interest since 1968 when Lotus experimented with wings fitted to Formula 1 cars.

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Tyre Dynamics

Tyres are commonly assumed to be an inconspicuous component of a car and often get neglected by the drivers – yet, they are a fundamental part of any road vehicle.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle Dynamics Control

The world’s transportation system is transitioning from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to a new category of intelligent electric and hybrid vehicles with advanced technologies.

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Surrey University Racing Technology and Engineering Solutions team (SURTES)

This is the University's in-house racing team comprised of a group of passionate and enthusiastic students, visit their site to find out more.

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