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Erica Russell

Doctoral Practitioner
Doctoral Practitioner, BSc, MSc Sustainable Development with Distinction

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Centre for Environment and Sustainability.

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Institute of Environmental Management Association
Practitioner (PIEMA)
Royal Society of Arts and Manufacturing (FRSA)


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Russell E, Lee J, Clift R (2018) Can the SDGs Provide a Basis for Supply Chain
Decisions in the Construction Sector?,
Sustainability 10 (3) 629 MDPI
The Construction sector is characterised by complex supply networks delivering unique
end products over short time scales. Sustainability has increased in importance but continues to
be difficult to implement in this sector; thus, new approaches and practices are needed. This paper
reports an empirical investigation into the value of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
especially Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG12), when used as a framework for action
by organisations to drive change towards sustainability in global supply networks. Through inductive
research, two different and contrasting approaches to improving the sustainability of supply networks
have been revealed. One approach focuses on the ?bottom up? ethical approach typified by the
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of timber products, and the other on ?top-down?
regulations exemplified by the UK Modern Slavery Act. In an industry noted for complex supply
networks and characterised by adversarial relationships, the findings suggest that, in the long term,
promoting shared values aligned with transparent, third-party monitoring will be more effective
than imposing standards through legislation and regulation in supporting sustainable consumption
and production.

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