Erivan White

Senior Lecturer
+44 (0)1483 684936


My qualifications

B.A. Economics and Politics
Middlesex University
M.A. Political Philosophy
University of York
University of Surrey
Postgraduate Certificate - Organisational Leadership
Glasgow Caledonian University


LEWIS BAKER, GERALD ROBERT DAMPIER, CAROL SPENCELY, NICHOLAS EDWARDS, ERIVAN FORBES WHITE, ALISON TAYLOR (2020)Avoiding the De ifcit Model and De fining Student Success: Perspectives from a New Foundation Year Contex, In: Journal of the Foundation Year Network2 (2019)pp. 41-52 UK Foundation Year Network

This paper discusses the establishment of two new foundation year programmes at the University of Surrey; one in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences and the other in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Specifically, it explores how the programmes have been constructed and how programme teams have attempted to avoid the ‘deficit model’ by adopting a student-centred approach that focuses on the development of successful students when considering staffing expertise and curriculum design. This is followed by an exploration of staff and student perspectives on what constitutes a successful foundation year student. Finally, the paper comments on how success will be measured in the future, suggesting that, whilst specific metrics might serve as indicators of success, no single metric is likely to capture the complicated nature of what success is and what it looks like for the individuals we teach. Overall, the paper suggests that the question, ‘What is a successful foundation year student?’ should be considered carefully in the process of designing and developing foundation year programmes.