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'How to Ask for Money' Panel Event

  • Friday 19 Jan. 2018

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AoM Specialised Conference, Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy

  • Wednesday 18 Apr. 2018

  • Friday 20 Apr. 2018

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Physical and Digital Market Places – Where Marketing Meets Operations

  • Wednesday 11 Jul. 2018

  • Friday 13 Jul. 2018

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At Surrey Business School, we collaborate with a number of private, public and third sector organisations.

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CoDE to join digital animal health innovation project in Africa, co-funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Surrey Business School is accredited by both the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

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International Student Internship Portal

We have launched our new global talent platform. Activate your personal global talent portal here to find internship, trainee positions, apprenticeships and graduate positions that are relevant to you from companies around the world.

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Latest news

Press release

University of Surrey secures £5million to help small and medium-sized businesses grow

The University of Surrey has been tasked with helping small and medium-sized businesses in the south of England innovate and grow, with the help of a £5million government grant. 

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Press release

Crowdfunding campaign for Santander Cycles University Challenge

The University of Surrey has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring ‘Boris Bikes’ to Guildford after being shortlisted as one of the final five universities in the Santander Cycles University Challenge. 

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Press release

Black executives are more likely to be demoted

Studies from the University of Surrey have found that African American executives are more likely to be demoted than their Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic counterparts. 

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Our blog

  • Surrey Business School’s CoDE (Centre for the Digital Economy) team were thrilled to be a part of the launch recently of ‘Distributed Ledger Technologies for the Public Sector: Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation’ hosted at the House of Lords by Lord Holmes of Richmond, an inspiring advocate for the immense potential of DLT to address intractable challenges in both private and public sectors.

    This report is in fact a follow-on from the groundbreaking Walport Report ‘Distributed Ledger Technology: Beyond blockchain’ — a continuation of that conversation, a reinforcement of the message, and a renewed call to action. As Lord Holmes explained, ‘We are here to put some increased energy, focus and collaboration around the potential of DLT.’

    CoDE’s Dr Phil Godsiff, a contributor (through the Whitechapel Think Tank) to this latest report as well as to the original Walport Report, was in attendance along with Dr Beth Kewell, Mike Brookbanks and Michelle Nsanzumuco – all of whom have been integral to the exploration of blockchain and DLT in research at CoDE and the wider Surrey Business School.

    Phil’s contribution to the body of DLT knowledge has encompassed conferencesarticlesblogs and panels; he is an unbiased ambassador for furthering this exploration and discovering DLT’s true place in harnessing the ‘wicked problems’of life in a complicated digital world.

    To quote from the foreword, ‘This [new] report seeks to re-energise and refocus UK government attention on DLT’s potential so that we can accelerate our own digital maturity, enhance the productive capacity of our business and benefit our citizens.’ The report goes on to present key recommendations, and to discuss the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats around DLT across a number of sectors – crime, border control, taxation and health among them.

    In the end, ‘[c]learly DLT is not a silver bullet….[I]t is, however, a new multipurpose technology in the digital information toolbox, and one that is gaining a degree of traction across industries and business processes.’

    Jeremy Wilson, chair of the Whitechapel Think Tank, which sponsored the report, agreed with this view: ‘As part of the 4thIndustrial Revolution, no one can escape DLT….it is one of a number of technologies converging into a new operating system on the basis of data sharing, with all the implications and ramifications that suggests.’

    DLT is not going to go away; it’s set to transform transparency, provenance and trustThe CoDE team is at the forefront of this research; get in touch to find out more.

  • A new Digital initiative at Surrey Business School’s Entrepreneurship MSc

    The question: how can Surrey Business School support student crowdfunding projects more effectively?

    The solution: a clever initiative called Gaggle Connect.

    Gaggle Connect is an interactive forum to develop project ideas through crowdsourcing– whether business, community, funding or just fun.  Instead of raising money, the site raises support for project ideas: supporters sign in with either Twitter or Facebook to pledge their social reach.

    We’ve embedded crowdfunding into the curriculum of the Entrepreneurship MSc programme at Surrey Business School over the past couple of years, with the intent to combine a theoretical foundation with practical experience.  But crowdfunding isn’t like traditional fundraising, with its cake sales and face to face appeals: there’s a special link offered by crowdfunding via the internet, and Gaggle Connect was developed precisely to teach how. It was funded by a small grant from Santander Bank, and it’s now also embedded into the MSc programmes.

    The key to crowdfunding is participation — so Gaggle Connect enables project creators to develop the initial digital crowd or ‘gaggle’ before migrating to a crowdfunding site where projects can fly (pun intended).  The social reach of supporters can be tracked on Gaggle Connect, while a project message linked to the crowdfunding page can be sent out to the original digital crowd when the target is reached, to then help funnel support to the crowdfunding page.

    Joe Gaggle, a well-connected crowdfunding guru, curates the site and posts Bloggles with special crowdfunding news and tips.  He also sends out a Gaggl-E Newsletter with the latest information on projects to help them build support.

    Gaggle Connect is now an integral part of the crowdfunding project for the module Digital Marketing & Social Media, offered by several MSc programmes including Entrepreneurship MSc, Marketing Management MSc and Retail Marketing Management MSc.  In turn, the number of students involved has increased from about 20 to about 80, with the number of projects supported doubling from 3 to 6.

    Gaggle Connect is a pilot project; the plan is to open up the platform to the Guildford community, with the MSc students advising local businesses, for a dynamic and ongoing collaboration between Surrey and the local business community.

    Surrey Libraries are, in fact, already on board. Close to CoDE’s heart is the You-Too Digital Media Centre for Guildford, which is trying to raise £5000.  This project builds on a programme sponsored by Surrey Libraries to bring the digital world to children in the local community.  They build computers, apps, robotics — and then basically conquer the world.

    The crowdfunding projects are being prepared NOW on Gaggle Connect, before migrating to at the end of October.

    Check out some projects, and join a gaggle today!

  • A postgraduate student, Imran Beeharry studying for an MSc in Corporate Finance has come 3rd in Bloomberg’s Investment Challenge 2017, which was open to participants from all UK universities. The competition ran from 13th March – 28th April and attracted approximately 140 participants from universities across the UK.

    Each participant invested a notional sum of £50m and Imran secured a very healthy return of 7.93% on initial capital of £50 million for the six week period.

    Imran commented:

    “The Bloomberg Investment Challenge enabled me to gain a deep insight into the global financial markets. It was exciting to see how things changed instantly when news hit the market and how that impacted portfolios.  

    Having studied the Bloomberg Market Competency (BMC) programme and participated in the investment challenge, I managed to develop a basic familiarity with the software which helped me in my interviews for one of the leading European investment management firms.

    This challenge encourages students to develop their skills in Bloomberg, which proves to be an important transferable skill in the graduate market place and I would strongly recommend students to undertake the BMC training and take part in the challenge next year”.

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Who we work with

At Surrey Business School, we’ve created an innovative and stimulating environment in which our academics, students and alumni work with international corporate businesses, SMEs and government, offering bespoke consultancy and applied education programmes. Here are just a few examples of some of the organisations we’re currently working with: