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A Step Forward for Sustainability at Surrey Business School

Surrey Business School is proud to join the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), helping us fulfil a powerful commitment to advancing values such as sustainability, responsibility and ethics in teaching, research and thought leadership.

The Hubris Project: Current Impacts & Potential Remedies of Hubristic Leadership in the World of Business and Management

At Surrey Business School The Hubris Project, led by Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith aims to understand the nature and causes of hubristic leadership (i.e. the excessive self-confidence, exaggerated self-belief and contempt for the advice and criticism of others which invites destructive outcomes) and how its potentially damaging effects on organisations and institutions might be anticipated and mitigated.

Improving the Sustainability of the Extractive Industries in sub-Saharan Africa

Surrey Business School's Professor Gavin Hilson’s recent work illustrates how many of the problems associated with mineral extraction and processing in sub-Saharan Africa such as environmental degradation, child labour and health and safety concerns are directly a result of its operations being heavily confined to the informal economy.

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