Research centres and departments

We are addressing the needs of the ever-changing business world. We have four research centres and six research departments, working across Surrey Business School and the wider university, allowing us to be involved in a broad range of research areas.

Research centres

Centre for the Digital Economy

The Centre for the Digital Economy concentrates on measuring and analysing the revolutionary impact of technological change on business models, consumer expectations, and societal behaviours. The digital economy revolutionises how we work, how we compete, how we organise and how we innovate. We push the boundaries of knowledge and management practice in the digital economy through leading-edge research and engagement with business and government.

Current research activities include:

  • Digital transformation                                                                       
  • Digital platforms and innovation ecosystems
  • Online cultural entrepreneurship
  • Open data
  • Social media platforms.

Head of Centre

Annabelle Gawer


Centre for Management Learning

The Centre for Management Learning is a competency centre for management educators with the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice and develop management educators. We improve teaching excellence in management through industry informed curriculum design, new teaching practices, staff development and research. The Centre functions as a platform for sharing and enhancing teaching innovation and pedagogic research. 

Current research activities include:

  • Blended learning in practice
  • Developing business-ready graduates
  • Large class engagement and stimulated learning.

Head of Centre

Christine Rivers


Centre for Social Innovation Management

The Centre’s mission is to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience of future business leaders to address social challenges while managing business growth. 

Current research activities include:

  • Sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship for social inclusion
  • Social impact investing
  • Responsible management.

Head of Centre

Jeremy Hall