Centre for Business Analytics in Practice

The Centre for Business Analytics in Practice is a multi-disciplinary research centre with the vision of using analytics for better decision-making. Our focus at the Centre is to investigate how data of any size can help organisations succeed through fact-based, data-driven, proactive decision-making.


Our Centre brings together research into the methods and applications in key areas, including:  

  • Business analytics 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Health analytics 
  • Operations and supply chain analytics 
  • Sustainability and net-zero analytics. 

The need for data-driven, better and faster solutions is more critical now than ever before.  

Using analytics for better decision-making has grown exponentially over the past decade. Driven by business and societal needs, decision analytics has become one of the most active research areas in academics and in industry.  

The tools, techniques, and algorithms used for big data projects leverage the most current, state-of-the-art methods applied in a wide variety of fields that include business and management science, computer science, statistics, data science, engineering, and mathematics.  

Meet the team

Professor Ali Emrouznejad

Director of the Centre for Business Analytics in Practice

Ali Emrouznejad is a Professor and Chair in Business Analytics at Surrey Business School, UK. He also serves as the director of the Centre for Business Analytics in Practice, leading research efforts in various fields, including performance measurement and management, efficiency and productivity analysis, as well as AI and big data. Prior to his current position, he held the rol...

Professor James Aitken

Co-Director of the Centre for Business Analytics in Practice

Professor James Aitken began his career within a manufacturing environment where he gained success in the logistics and operation fields. The knowledge and experience accrued supported his part-time PhD studies and provided the platform for the development of the UK’s first manufacturing operations based on combining lean and agile. His continued interest in innovative operati...

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