James Aitken

Professor James Aitken

Professor in Operations Management and Head of Department
+44 (0)1483 684650
17 MS 02
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Areas of specialism

Operations and supply chain management focusing on complexity and sustainability

University roles and responsibilities

  • Head of Department for Business Transformation (ongoing)
  • Head of Department for operations and MIS (2009-2012)

My qualifications

Cranfield University
Strathclyde University

Previous roles

1995 - 2003
Managing Director for three businesses involved in the electronics , construction and lighting sectors
Interim Barwell Ltd, Celluform and Concord Lighting
2003 - 2013
Partner in consultancy firm
Muradi LLP

Affiliations and memberships

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Member of CILT

Business, industry and community links

My publications


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