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Wolfgang Garn

Deputy Head of Business Transformation and Sustainable Enterprise Department



Wolfgang Garn is Programme director of Business Analytics and Acting Head of the Business Transformation Department at the University of Surrey. His research interests are in the area of Operations Research and Business Analytics. Currently he is working on the modernisation, optimisation and simulation of processes within a delivery service company. Formerly a Management Scientist at Telekom Austria in the Department of Operations Research. His duties entailed Network Optimisations, Transportation, Market Analysis amongst others. One of his major achievements was a nationwide transition strategy from a copper to a fibre network. At the Defence Technology Centre (DTC) he worked on Agent and Decision Support Systems for MoD funded research. One of the outcomes enabled autonomous agents to evaluate and act on military effects using Artificial Intelligence. His role as Senior Scientist and Project Manager for Eurobios involved him with key clients such as Serco, Biffa, Unilever, DHL and BP. In this context solutions for environmental and delivery services were implemented. He is the CEO and founder of Smartana, which offers SMART Analytics solutions and consulting services to businesses. He is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, and the Society for Modeling & Simulation. He earned his PhD in Simulation and Optimisation of Telecommunication processes at the Vienna University of Technology, in the area of Technical Mathematics and Computer Science.

Research interests

  • Business analytics; business optimisation and economics
  • Logistics, transportation, traffic flows, routing, scheduling
  • Management science, combinatorial optimisations, network flows, meta heuristics, e.g. genetic algorithms, simulated annealing
  • Applied mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, discrete event simulation, queueing systems
  • Kernel Density Estimators, decision support systems, Bayesian networks, statistical learning.

Surrey Analytics Summer School

Introduction to Data Analytics and Business Analytics

  • When? Summer 2018, 18-20 June from 9am to 6pm
  • Where? The Rik Medlik Building, University of Surrey
  • Open to: anyone interested in Analytics
  • The Surrey Analytics Research group is hosting a 3 day course this August to provide comprehensive introduction to Data Analytics and Business Analytics.

    Please look at this Website for details.

    Some of my favourite tools

    • Mathworks - Matlab/Simulink
    • R, Excel/Frontline Solver
    • Java, PHP, C++
    • PostgreSQL, SQL Server
    • ILOG - OPL Studio, Power BI
    • Arena, Anylogic, Taylor ED, Simio
    • Blender, QGIS, Unity


  • Business Analytics
    • Big Data drives Big Decisions! Business Analytics arms you with the expertise in analysing data and creating knowledge - leading to competitive advantages for business-decisions. It equips you with state-of-the art and new emerging skills to solve business transforming challenges. General enquiries:, programme enquiries:
  • Supply Chain Analytics (level M) - Semester 2
    • Management Science is used to solve supply chain (SC) aspects analytically. Techniques examine the Supply Chain's underlying transportation network which connects suppliers via transhipment nodes to its demand locations. Best locations for warehouses (or transhipment nodes) are determined using quantitative methods. Decision Science is used for in rational decision making under uncertainty. For instance optimal inventory levels are determined for warehouses and manufacturing. All kinds of business activities are optimised to give businesses a competitive advantage by maximising profit and minimising costs.
    • Module catalogue (MANM304)
  • Introduction to Management Science - Semester 1
    • Methods and tools are used to tackle challenges occurring in the business and industrial environment. The obtained results are used for qualified decision making.
    • Module catalogue (MAN2093)
  • Information Systems Development (PG) - Semester 2 (2012)
    • A hands-on approach to the development of Information Systems - using practical State-of-the-Art methods, tools and techniques.
    • Module catalogue (MAN114)
  • Issues in Operations Management (UL2) - Semester 1 (2010/2011)
    • This lecture explores a set of critical areas in Operations Management in depth using a Management Science approach.
    • Module catalogue (MAN2086)
  • Project Management & Computer Lab. (PG, UG) - Semester 2 (2012)
  • Business Research Project (FHEQ6 - year 3) - Semester 2 (2014)
    • To analyse and critically evaluate existing work in order to deliver value to businesses.
    • Module catalogue (MAN3116)
  • Business Process Management (PG) - Semester 2 (2013)
    • Shows the relationship between operations management and information systems, with hands-on experience in SAP.
    • Module catalogue

Departmental duties

  • Head of Business Transformation & Sustainable Enterprise Department


  • Business Analytics (2013-...) - Programme Director
  • Introduction to Management Science (2012-...) - module convenor
  • Supply Chain Analytics (2013-...) - module convenor
  • Information Systems Development (2010-2012)- module convenor
  • Issues in Operations Management (2010-2011)- module convenor
  • Business Research Project (2012-2013) - module convenor and coordinator
  • Business Process Management (2013) - shared convenor
  • Project Management (2012) - computer lab.

Reviewer for the ...

  • European Journal of Operational Research
  • Neurocomputing Journal
  • International Journal of Production Economics
  • International Conference on Information Systems
  • and many more


  • AIS - Association for Information Systems
  • ARGESIM - Working Group Simulation News
  • EURO - The Association of European Operational Research Societies
  • EUROSIM - Federation of European Simulation Societies
  • FITCE - Federation of Telecommunications Engineers of the European Community
  • INFORMS - Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • ÖGOR - Austrian Society of Operations Research.


I am looking for people interested in obtaining a full-time PhD. Candidates should have a strong quantitative background; experience in computer science and interest in Management Science (Operational Research).


  • Drone Delivery Services (e.g. comparison between classic and autonomous drone delivery services)
  • Transportation network optimisations (e.g. bus services, county wide decision support systems)
  • Business analytical/intelligence, Management science
  • Operational research, Simulation
  • Networks and artificial & computational intelligence.

More information for PhD applicants, if you have an interesting idea please send me an email.

Research Projects

KTP ... Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

If you are interested in a KTP please contact me. Potential future projects may be funded by Innovate UK.

My publications

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