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Centre for Sustainability and Wellbeing in the Visitor Economy

We are developing critical evidence to inform public and private governance of the visitor economy, in the UK and globally.

Research aims

Centre for Sustainability and Wellbeing in the Visitor Economy (SWELL) logo

We strive to deliver research and teaching which drives inspiration for an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable society with a particular focus on the transport, tourism, hospitality and events industries. With a truly interdisciplinary group of academics, we work with intergovernmental organisations, industry and NGOs. We focus on the following key areas:

  • Sustainability evidence-based policy making
  • Industry’s acceptance of responsibility for sustainable development
  • Sustainable development and entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable and efficient transportation
  • Sustainability marketing, product design and communication.

Gender, Entrepreneurship and Social Policy Institute (GESPi)

Gender, Entrepreneurship and Social Policy Institute (GESPi) logo

The Gender, Entrepreneurship and Social Policy Institute (GESPi) conducts research on how to achieve more sustainable forms of development and how to promote wellbeing through the tourism, hospitality, events and other service sectors. This includes getting a better understanding regarding the role of tourism and the services sectors within communities in enabling the diversification of livelihoods and promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and employment, particularly for marginalised communities, including promoting gender empowerment. We analyse how policy adjustments and stakeholder collaborations can generate positive change and inclusive growth. For more information please see the GESPi website.

Find an expert


Susanne Becken profile image

Professor Susanne Becken

VC Research Fellow

Nicole Cocolas profile image

Nicole Cocolas

Lecturer in Transport Management

Scott Cohen profile image

Professor Scott Cohen

Professor of Tourism and Transport, School Director of Research

Xavier Font profile image

Professor Xavier Font

Professor of Sustainability Marketing

Eduard Romulus Goean profile image

Eduard Goean

Visiting Professor

Dr Christy Hehir profile image

Christy Hehir

Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events

Nadine Itani profile image

Dr Nadine Itani

Programme Leader and Lecturer in Air Transport Management

Leo Jago profile image

Professor Leo Jago

Emeritus Professor

Marion Karl profile image

Dr Marion Karl

Senior Lecturer in Tourism Marketing and Management

James Kennell profile image

Dr James Kennell

Associate Professor in Events & Hospitality

Bora Kim profile image

Dr Bora Kim

Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management; Co-Director of Learning and Teaching; Program Director for BSc IHM and IHTM

Albert Kimbu profile image

Dr Albert Kimbu

Reader, Head of Department of Tourism and Transport

Yanning Li profile image

Dr Yanning Li

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) Events, Organisations and Operations

Nigel Morgan profile image

Professor Nigel Morgan

Professor of Social Sustainability

Pablo Pereira-Doel profile image

Dr Pablo Pereira Doel

Lecturer in Hospitality Information Technology; Digital Lab lead; Sustainability fellow and Water program co-lead at the Institute for Sustainability; Visiting Fellow, Center for Tourism Research at Wakayama University (Japan)

Manuel Alector Ribeiro profile image

Dr Alector Ribeiro

Associate Professor in Tourism Management, Director of Tourism Programmes

Caroline Scarles profile image

Professor Caroline Scarles

Professor of Technology in Society

Daniel Scott profile image

Professor Daniel Scott

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow

Nikolas Thomopoulos profile image

Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos

Associate Professor in Transport

Anna Torres-Delgado profile image

Dr Anna Torres-Delgado

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Xuan (Lorna) Wang profile image

Dr Lorna Wang

Co-Director, Centre for Research on Ageing and Generations, and Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Revenue Management

Anke Winchenbach profile image

Dr Anke Winchenbach

Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Transport

Postgraduate research students

Mohammad Ruhual Amin profile image

Ruhual Amin

PhD researcher

Hoyoung (Rachel) Chang profile image

Rachel Chang

PhD researcher

David Cloarec profile image

David Cloarec

PhD researcher

Gloria Crabolu profile image

Gloria Crabolu

PhD researcher

Sara Dalir profile image

Sara Dalir

PhD researcher

Rhoslyn Davies profile image

Roz Davies

Postgraduate Research Student

Lori Hoy profile image

Lori Hoy

PhD researcher

Mohamed Nageh Ibrahim profile image

Mohamed Ibrahim

PhD researcher

Yuting Jiang profile image

Yuting Jiang

PhD researcher

Wanwisa Khampanya profile image

Wanwisa Khampanya

PhD researcher

Youngsoo Kim profile image

Dr Youngsoo Kim

PhD researcher

Xiaotong Ma profile image

Xiaotong Ma

PhD researcher

Gilang Maulana Majid profile image

Gilang Majid

PhD researcher

Luigina Jessica Montano profile image

Luigina Montano

PhD researcher

Safina Naz profile image

Safina Naz

Postgraduate Research Student

Laurensius Sandro Rero profile image

Sandro Rero

Postgraduate Research Student

Shoukry Rozek

PhD researcher

Prosanjit Saha profile image

Prosanjit Saha

PhD researcher

Bert Smit profile image

Bert Smit

PhD researcher

Whitney Smith profile image

Whitney Smith

PhD researcher

Jenny Suno Wu profile image

Jenny Suno Wu

PhD researcher

Darina Svobodova profile image

Darina Svobodova

PhD researcher

Anke Winchenbach profile image

Dr Anke Winchenbach

PhD researcher