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Sustainable and Explainable Fintech Centre

Our vision is to help the UK establish its role as home of the world’s leading FinTech ecosystem. At the Centre we will achieve this vision via research and debate that emphasises explainable, accessible, resilient and sustainable FinTech.


At the Surrey Business School FinTech Research Centre we will implement our vision by embracing research capabilities, technologies, methodologies across disciplines and inter-sectoral perspectives from a diverse variety of FinTech stakeholders.

The Centre’s aims are to respond to key challenges in the 2021 Kalifa Report, COVID pandemic recovery, Brexit uncertainty and global FinTech competition.

We seek to address important issues such as wealth inequality, climate change, trust in institutions, supply chains, financial resilience, biodiversity and FinTech.

Meet the team

Professor Bonnie Buchanan

Director of the FinTech Research Centre

Professor Bonnie Buchanan is the Director of the Sustainable and Explainable FinTech (SAEF) Center at the Surrey Business School (SBS) and a Professor of Finance. She is the Immediate Past Head of the Department of Finance and Accounting at SBS (2019 - 2023). Professor Buchanan is also a fellow of the University's Center of Sustainability, the Center for AI and the Centre of Dig...

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