Published: 12 June 2020

Professor Bonnie Buchanan shares research on the impact of AI and machine learning with the Bank of England

The Bank of England, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College Business School recently joined together to deliver ‘The Impact of Machine learning and AI on the UK Economy’ conference.

The purpose of the conference was to stimulate academic research on how machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) will impact issues that matter to the Bank of England’s policy objectives. 

Surrey Business School’s Professor Bonnie Buchanan, Professor of Finance and Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance contributed to the conference, sharing her academic research and insights on the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on UK Financial Services. Professor Buchanan’s presentation draws from her previous research; Artificial Intelligence in Finance published in The Alan Turing Institute, Quo Vadis? A comparison of the Fintech Revolution in China and the West co-authored for the SWIFT institute and her written testimony for the US House of Financial Services 2019. Topics of discussion include what does good artificial intelligence and machine learning governance look like and how should people get involved in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Watch the presentation here.