Through new thinking, leadership and technology we are developing flexible business models that are fit for a constantly advancing digital world. We are investing in world-class research and working alongside business partners so that we can deliver solutions that offer an immediate and lasting impact.

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"At Surrey Business School, we accelerate innovative thinking into action. Through our courses we offer cutting-edge insight, while providing our students with the commercial and life skills that they will need to success in today’s world. Our particular strengths are in digital economy, leadership and decision-making, and in sustainable and responsible management practices.

Knowledge application is as important to us as knowledge development, hence we work together closely with companies and other organisations from across sectors, for example through knowledge transfer partnerships, executive education, and continuing professional development programmes. Based in Surrey, we are truly global in all we do, with staff members from more than 35 countries and over 15,000 alumni from around the world."

Ansgar Richter, Dean of Surrey Business School

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