Professor Gabriele Gradoni

Chair in Wireless Communications

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Institute for Communication Systems.



G. Gradoni, J. H. Yeh, B. Xiao, T. M. Antonsen, S. M. Anlage, E. Ott (2014) Predicting the statistics of wave transport through chaotic cavities by the random coupling model: A review and recent progress. Wave Motion, 51(4), pp.606-621.

In this review, a model (the random coupling model) that gives a statistical description of the coupling of radiation into and out of large enclosures through localized and/or distributed ports is presented. The random coupling model combines both deterministic and statistical phenomena. The model makes use of wave chaos theory to extend the classical modal description of the cavity fields in the presence of boundaries that lead to chaotic ray trajectories. The model is based on a clear separation between the universal statistical behavior of the closed chaotic system, and the deterministic coupling port characteristics. Moreover, the ability of the random coupling model to describe interconnected cavities, aperture coupling, and the effects of short ray trajectories is discussed. A relation between the random coupling model and other formulations adopted in acoustics, optics, and statistical electromagnetics, is examined. In particular, a rigorous analogy of the random coupling model with the Statistical Energy Analysis used in acoustics is presented.