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Dr Gaojie Chen

Lecturer in Satellite Communications



Research interests

Grants list

  • Co-investigator– 2021-2023, EU H2020 project on “Bring Reinforcement-learning Into Radio Light Network for Massive Connections”(6G BRAINS), Overall project funding over €5.7m.
  • Co-investigator – 2018-2021, EPSRC project on “Communications Signal Processing Based Solutions for Massive Machine-to-Machine Networks (M3NETs)”, EP/R006377/1, £330K.
  • Co-investigator – 2018-2019, University Infrastructure Funding on “5G massive MIMO testbed” (£244,000).
  • College-funded Stand-Alone PhD Studentship (Primary Supervisor) 2019-2023, College of Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Leicester. “Develop and analyse Physical Layer Security for Massive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communication Networks” Budget £50K.
  • Attend as RA  – 2015-2018, EPSRC project on “Spatially Embedded Networks”, EP/N002350/1.
  • Attend as RA  – 2014-2015, EU 7 Framework Programme project on “Full-duplex Radios for Local Access”, FP7/2007-2013 No.316369.
  • Attend as RA  – 2013-2014, EPSRC project on “Audio and Video-Based Speech Separation for Multiple Moving Sources Within a Room Environment”, EP/H049665/1.