Genevieve Arkle

Dr Genevieve Robyn Arkle

Associate Lecturer

Academic and research departments

Department of Music and Media.


Affiliations and memberships

The Wagner Society
Young Lecturer's Prize Winner, 2020


Research interests



Genevieve Robyn Arkle (2020) ‘Mahler Encountering Parsifal: The impact of Wagnerian aesthetics and the legacy of Wagner’s Parsifal on the life and works of Gustav Mahler’, In: Wagner News, Summer 2020
Genevieve Robyn Arkle (2019) ‘Uncovering Mahler: The influence of Parsifal and 19th-century Wagnerian culture in the life and late works of Gustav Mahler’ In: Music, Individuals and Contexts: Dialectical Interaction, ed. N Amendola, A Cosentino & G Sciommeri (Roma: Società Editrice di Musicologia - UniversItalia)
Genevieve Robyn Arkle (2017) Book Review: Paul-André Bempéchat (ed,) Naturlauf: Scholarly Journeys Towards Gustav Mahler. (Peter Lang: New York, 2016) In: Nachrichten zur mahler forschung, Mai 2017