Haris Votsi

Dr Haris Votsi

Research Fellow

Academic and research departments

Advanced Technology Institute.


Matei Cristian, Urbonas Jonas, Votsi Haris, Kending Dustin, Aaen Peter H. (2020) Dynamic Temperature Measurements of a GaN DC/DC Boost Converter at MHz Frequencies,IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
For reliability predictions, gallium nitride transistors require accurate estimations of the peak operating temperatures within the device. This paper presents a new application of thermoreflectance-based temperature measurements performed on a gallium nitride high electron mobility transistor. The submicron spatial and nanosecond temporal resolutions of the measurement system enables for the first time, the dynamic temperature measurement of a transistor operating up to 5 MHz. The GaN transistor is first biased in class-A and excited with a 1 MHz AC signal to demonstrate the dynamic temperature measurement. The transistor is then incorporated in a 20?40 V DC/DC boost converter to measure the dynamic temperature distributions across the semiconductor die operating under real loading conditions at 1 and 5 MHz switching frequencies. This technique captures the temperature variations that occur during the switching of the transistor and the recorded peak temperatures are 7.4