Janet Preston

Dr Janet Preston

Postgraduate Research Student



Janet Preston is Managing Director of Cold Fuzion, her own independent business consultancy – which she has put on hold to return to full time education to study for a PhD in Astrophysics.  Her current research is into the archaeology of dwarf galaxies and stellar streams in the Andromeda galaxy.  Her supervisors are Dr. Michelle Collins and Professor Justin Read.

Janet also has a broad portfolio of voluntary activities and is: a Trustee of the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium; a Trustee of Satro – a charity that provides real-life experience of the working world, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), for young people; Chair of the Surrey Organising Committee for Teen Tech – an event aimed at inspiring 12 and 13 year olds to consider STEM careers; a member of Surrey County Council’s Employment and Skills Board; Education Ambassador for the Surrey Institute of Directors. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Janet was a Partner at KPMG.

Research interests

  • Galactic archeology
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Local Group galaxies
  • Dark matter

My publications


Collins Michelle L M, Tollerud Erik J, Rich R Michael, Ibata Rodrigo A, Martin Nicolas F, Chapman Scott C, Gilbert Karoline M, Preston Janet (2019)A detailed study of Andromeda XIX, an extreme local analogue of ultra diffuse galaxies, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Societystz3252 Oxford University Press (OUP)
Preston Janet, Collins Michelle L M, Ibata Rodrigo A, Tollerud Erik J, Rich R Michael, Bonaca Ana, McConnachie Alan W, Mackey Dougal, Lewis Geraint F, Martin Nicolas F, Peñarrubia Jorge, Chapman Scott C, Delorme Maxime (2019)A Dwarf Disrupting - Andromeda XXVII and the North West Stream, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society