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Jeremy Allam

Professor of Ultrafast Optoelectronics



Jeremy Allam obtained his first degree in Physics from the University of Oxford, and his PhD from Surrey. After working for 2 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories and for 3 years as a postdoc sponsored by British Telecom, in 1990 he joined the newly-formed Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory where he formed a group working in Femtosecond Optoelectronics. In April 2000 he was appointed to a Chair in Ultrafast Optoelectronics.

Research interests

Jeremy's research interests include ultrafast carrier dynamics in semiconductors for optoelectronic devices, high-speed photonic measurement technologies, and high-field carrier transport. He has recently commissioned a a new ultrafast laser facility comprising laser oscillators and amplifiers, parametric oscillators and amplifiers, and frequency mixers, providing a capability for <100 fs optical pulses from UV to the mid-IR wavelengths.

Research collaborations

A full list of publications, conference presentations, and patents can be found here.


Module leader for PHY3047 Photonics and Nanotechnology

Departmental duties

FHEQ Level 6/7 Year Coordinator (Final Year)

My publications


1. "Universal dependence of avalanche breakdown on bandstructures: choosing materials for high-power devices", J. Allam, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 36 (3B), March 1997, pp. 1529-1542.

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